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Manju's Books


Classic Indian Recipes

From Rich Lamb to Indian Cardamom Biscuits, Classic Indian Recipes is a collection of 75 signature dishes which epitomise regional Indian cuisine. Manju says that there is no such thing as 'Indian cuisine' but rather there are various cuisines of India, and this is reflected in the dishes. They come from various parts of India. Some are unusual and many are familiar. But one thing that is common amongst all the recipes is the techniques Manju uses to prepare the dishes. The methods are simple and easy to follow and the ingredients should be accessible and widely available. The hardback book has a traditional feel with food photography that is real and fresh.



Easy Indian Cookbook New Version

This is the paperback version of my latest cookbook published by Duncan Baird Publishers. With over a 100 recipes, there are menu ideas and tips to make Indian cooking as easy as possible. The first part of the book explains in straightforward terms about the ingredients and the methods used in preparing Indian dishes. The book is also available in several languages in many countries including India. From Manju's Quick Curry Paste to one of my favourites a Vegetable Biryani, there's something spicy for everyone who wants to add a little jazz to their lives.

 EASY INDIAN new cover medium


Easy Indian Cookbook

In this book Manju has a range of easy Indian recipes. The interesting thing about this book is that it also includes a music CD which you can play while you cook! It's a kind of sound therapy to encourage people back into the kitchens and to make cooking a more pleasurable experience, so my favourite track 'Firestarter' by Prodigy wont be included.

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India With Passion

In this book Manju specialises in simple home cooking, and so all of her recipes are authentic and yet easy to prepare. She travelled widely in India to research the latest home cooking, gleaning ideas from takeaway food stalls as well as the kitchens of cooks, friends and family.

The book contains fabulous location photography by award-winning Jason Lowe as well as studio shots of Manju's recipes.




Brit Spice

With Manju's first book she has created a whole new concept of cooking Indian food at home. The result is Brit-Indi cuisine, combining British ingredients with Indian spices. Find out how to rustle up Manju's favourite Indian meals using ingredients such as bread, bacon and baked beans. The key to the recipes is that they are incredibly quick and easy to make.

Manju gives timings at the start of each one to show that an Indian meal can be made at home in literally 15 minutes. Quicker than a trip to the local takeaway!


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Spice Bites